WHY DID BITCOIN CRASH AGAIN! Another Crypto Crash Incoming?

WHY DID BITCOIN CRASH AGAIN! Another crypto crash incoming? A Crypto Market Update Today after Elon Musk tweets about a breakup with Bitcoin! What does this mean for Bitcoin and the future of the crypto space?

Today we’re going to share our thoughts on the recent Bitcoin crash today, Bitcoin and the crypto crash recently have been a main focus for many and we believe that long term Bitcoin and the altcoins will be moving back to the upside setting new all time times. Here is why we think Bitcoin crash today and why the altcoins have been pulled down too.

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In this Bitcoin cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest Bitcoin crypto news today and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours.

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00:00 Intro
01:14 Fear & Greed Index
01:54 Evai.io Ratings For BTC
03:47 Bitcoin Dominance 2017 vs 2021
04:53 Bitcoin Stock To Flow Model 2013 vs 2017 vs 2021
07:20 Bitcoin Tweet Leaves Blood In The Street
09:18 Bitcoin Foul Play
11:49 Final Thoughts
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