What Cathie Wood Just Said About Bitcoin and Why We Should All Pay Attention

Bitcoin! In today’s video, we’re going over What Cathie Wood just said about Bitcoin and why we should all pay attention! We are also going over if we should buy right now? So be sure to stick around for this if you’re a Bitcoin investor or plan on investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for the first time. Enjoy!

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Cathie wood is worth listening to because when you think of someone making insane predictions in the market and a few years later, they come true, Cathie wood comes to mind, because her 2018 prediction that Tesla would hit 4,000 dollars a share in 5 years, which pretty much all of wall street laughed at, came true 2 years early, in 2021, and When Cathie Wood first bet on Bitcoin, in 2015, the cryptocurrency was trading at around 230 dollars, then it went to as high as 63 thousand dollars in April.

Many investors from both retail and institutions have benefited from bitcoin’s recent price drops, which have allowed them to accumulate Bitcoin at a much cheaper price. For example, Cathie Wood’s asset management firm, Ark Investment Management, took advantage of the opportunity to buy about $20 million worth of bitcoin…while the entire cryptocurrency market was going through a massive correction.

Cathie Wood has long believed in bitcoin’s worth, recently stating that the Bitcoin’s market valuation of $1 trillion “is nothing compared to where this will ultimately be.”

Ark’s choice to purchase the dip might signify that other astute institutions are doing the same or are about to do so.

Tesla, Square, Paypal, and Micro Strategy and a few of other companies have lately made major bitcoin investments.

And even thought, Tesla said that they would no longer be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, Elon has said that they haven’t sold any at all,

When it comes to owning bitcoins, one of the biggest roadblocks is always regulation. Cathie explained how she had to sell bitcoins in her portfolio because the IRS declares bitcoin to be unqualified income, requiring a return of no more than 10%.

She also mentioned that Bitcoin adoption in emerging countries could be an even bigger catalyst and countries like the United States would follow along.

She has also predicted that Bitcoin will play a significant role in conventional portfolios, such as 401(k)s and pensions. In February, Wood predicted that Bitcoin might eventually replace bonds in a standard 60/40 stock-bond portfolio, implying that investors will abandon bonds in favor of a new, unproven, and extremely volatile asset. Even by 2021 standards, that appears to be a reach.

Bitcoin and others like Ethereym are trying to disrupt the entire financial system, so we can use the phone in our pockets and store our money without its value being taxed away by inflation, Bitcoin is by far the easiest and best to understand and get into, as there is so much market adoption both from institutional investors and retail investors. We Bitcoin ETF’s and major banks starting to accept Bitcoin

You can also see Bitcoin as the top dog cryptocurrency, which has been around since 2008. It has by far the greatest market capitalization, the most expensive coin out there, and the largest user base from all cryptocurrencies.

so if you’ve been thinking about buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, then do your research, avoid the FOMO, and stay away from the hype. Understand the technology behind it, and the problem that it solves. So the best time to buy it, in my opinion, will be when you understand it because then that will prevent you from selling or panic whenever the bitcoin price drops 80 percent as it has done in the past.

So be sure to watch the video “What Cathie Wood Just Said About Bitcoin and Why We Should All Pay Attention” To know what to do during these turbulent markets and what the future holds for Bitcoin!

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