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11 Best Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In USA In 2019

Binance ►►►
Binance is one of the newer exchanges that offer highest trading volumes on several of their trading pairs. One can buy bitcoins in the USA with credit card at this exchange. It has a wide range of coins available to purchase. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has branch offices in many other countries such as Japan and China. Recently, Binance announced SAFU Hackathon (Secure Asset Fund for Users), that took 10% of all trading incentives that the exchanges earn. It also features Binance Coin that allows users to save big on trading fees.

CoinSwitch ►►►
CoinSwitch is the world’s largest aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges and the only cryptocurrency trading platform you will ever need. You can sell, buy over 400 crypto coins and exchange between 45,000 trading pairs within minutes.

CEX.IO ►►►
Headquartered in London, UK, CEX.IO offers security, high liquidity, and cross-platform trading. It offers margin trading with 100 percent uptime. With over 2 million accounts, it offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for sale. It charges high fees which include the service fees as well. So, when a user buys cryptocurrency CEX.IO, they actually pay more for the cryptocurrency as compared to the other exchanges.

EXMO ►►►
EXMO, a UK based Bitcoin Exchange was launched in the year 2013 by EXMO Finance LLP. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe with an average monthly trading volume of 1.5 Billion USD. Even though EXMO exchange offers lower liquidity than exchanges like BitMEX, it is a good choice for inexperienced traders to start their cryptocurrency trading/investment. The exchange is owned by EXMO Finance LLP which is a registered company and complies with the laws of England and Wales. Even though the exchange offers an online wallet to store the coins of its customers, it doesn’t provide any insurance like Coinbase does.

Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California and considered to be the novice-friendly exchange because of its simple user interface. Here, you actually buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from Coinbase instead from other users. Technically, a brokerage, Coinbase has recently rebranded GDAX (Global Digital Asset Exchange) to Coinbase Pro which includes many new features and an updated user interface. It charges 1.49% fees on bank purchases and 3.99% fees on credit and debit purchases. It allows users to make recurring purchases when investing in various cryptocurrencies and offers multiple payment options – credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or bank wire. It will soon add several other cryptocurrencies on its exchange such as 0x, Stellar Lumens, Cardano and more. It is suggested that beginner crypto investors who look for low fees, should prefer Coinbase Exchange. Coinbase operates in the United States of America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Coinmama is another beginner-friendly exchange that allows users to buy bitcoins in the USA with a credit card. They offer instant delivery and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, BCash, Cardano, Qtum and Ethereum Classic to the United States and other countries. It charges 5.5% fees when a credit or debit card is used. Though it doesn’t provide its users with a wallet on the exchange but ask users to give their wallet address so that it can send the purchased cryptocurrency on it. Coinmama doesn’t allow users to sell cryptocurrency back to fiat currency. You should use Coinmama if your country is not supported by Coinbase.

Well known as Coinbase of Europe, Bitpanda is a prevalent crypto exchange that enables users to sells Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BTC], Dash, Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], IOTA, Komodo, Ripple [XRP], and more against pairs such as US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Swiss Francs. This user-friendly exchange offers several payment methods such as bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, Skrill, Neteller and many more. It charges 2.99% fees on credit and debit card purchases. However, its users do not have to pay any transaction fees for sending cryptocurrency between accounts on the exchange. You should use Bitpanda if you want to purchase a wide variety of altcoins and your payment method is supported (credit/debit card, net banking, Skrill, Neteller, etc.). It is the most preferred option if your country is not supported by Coinbase.

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