My BIGGEST Concern With BitCoin Right Now! BitCoin Price Predictions…

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My BIGGEST Concern With BitCoin Right Now!

After a crazy 7 day period for BitCoin and the cryptocurrency market with hundreds of billions of dollars being wiped of the total market value, and with BitCoin trading down c.30% from all time highs, there are questions being raised in my mind around if BitCoin will crash, or indeed has the BitCoin crash started and how long will the crash continue for?

During this video I outline some of my views and my interpretation of BitCoin price by doing some technical analysis along with price predictions for BitCoin with the scenarios which could play out ahead. I also discuss some investing principles around understand the market cycle which BitCoin is in and that with parabolic runs typically come corrections and pullbacks before the next cycle continues.

I also talk about the importance of not just making money “on paper”, but also realising some of the gains in which have been made from making good investment decisions, rather than letting greed take over and hoping to get a few extra pounds and pence from your positions.

Timing the market is off course very difficult, but it’s also important to make sure we’re not left with nothing too, so in light of that, taking profits along the way is a strategy in which i’m certainly going to look to execute on.

Here are the timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:45 Market Capitalisation
01:31 BitCoin Analysis
09:10 Taking Profits
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Disclaimer: All ideas presented within this video are that of my own based on my own opinions. Please do not consider any of these videos as financial advice as I am NOT a financial advisor. All financial decisions and choices made are solely your responsibility. The views shared in this video are just for entertainment purposes only.