Max Keiser unveils new $2 Million Dollar Bitcoin Price Prediction! Bitcoin News and Analysis

Max Keiser this week unveiled his newest $2 Million Dollar Bitcoin Price Prediction. In this video we will be going over Max Keisers most recent Bitcoin Price prediction in which he highlights an overall 2 Million Dollar Bitcoin Price. We will also be going over his other 2 Bitcoin Price predictions, his 2021 Prediction and also his short term 2 month price prediction.

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Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where I will show you two recent pieces of data regarding Bitcoin and where the Bitcoin price is likely to go from here.

0:00 Intro
1:21 Who is Max Keiser?
3:00 Most accurate predictor of Bitcoin Price
3:53 Bitcoin $2 Million dollar price prediction
5:30 Elon Musk Tesla Bitcoin Profit
7:17 2021 Price Prediction
9:10 Short Term Price Target
9:25 Recent Bitcoin Data and Analysis

Keiser has been a LONG time Bull of Bitcoin, he has been preaching the potential of the coin for a decade now.

The reason we look so closely at Max Keisers Bitcoin predictions, is because in the past he has proved himself to be the most accurate predictor of its price. He nailed the end of 2020 Bitcoin price and his 2021 predictions have also been right on target.

Keep in mind, Past performance and accuracy is no indication that he will continue to be correct, however it’s definitely some interesting indicators to take a look at.

First we will take a look at his 2 million dollar price prediction, followed by his 2021 price prediction and finally his short term price target.

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