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Bitcoin Pioneer Max Keiser has accurately predicted 3 Bitcoin price targets which I share documented proof of that I covered in the headlines of this podcast including: $28K, $35K and $42K.

The popular RT host of the Keiser Report predicts a $65K Bitcoin price as his next short term target as well as $220K BTC price as his 2021 end of year target.

In other trending cryptocurrency news today:

“Chainlink Now Bigger Than Litecoin As LINK Price Hits New High Above $24”

Chainlink (LINK) remains to be one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the past twelve months. As of Jan. 23, LINK is now bigger than Litecoin (LTC) and now number seven at $9.2 billion market capitalization, after surpassing Bitcoin Cash earlier this week.

The LINK price surge also coincided with rumors this week that Grayscale is preparing to add a Chainlink Trust product. This news event likely played a part in the price of Chainlink rallying toward new all-time highs, making LINK, once again, one of the best performing cryptocurrencies.

The daily chart for Chainlink shows massive volatility in recent months, but also some beautiful price action.

Every previous level of resistance flipped for support, after which the price continued climbing almost in textbook fashion. That’s the beautiful nature of price action and trading in general.

Most people have the impulse to enter a position when the price is soaring. But those support/resistance flips actually give the best entries. Specifically, the first support/resistance flip occurred at the $10 level, after which the same happened with the $13 and $17.30 areas.

Therefore, the crucial level to watch for potentially more downside is the $17.30 area, as well as the $19.50 zone. This latter area is the previous all-time high in 2020 and possibly the point of the next support/resistance flip, which would be bullish for more upside.

As Chainlink is in price discovery, it becomes difficult to define the potential top structures’ next points of interest. The Fibonacci extension tool, however, is quite useful for traders to determine these areas.

Using this indicator, the first zone is between $29-31, which aligns with both of the Fibonacci extensions. The second zone is at the 2.618 Fibonacci extension of $39 and the last one is found at the $42 area.

However, the next impulse wave will likely see a big surge in the Bitcoin (BTC) pair of LINK. The recent run was spearheaded by Bitcoin, while the altcoin-BTC pairs were relatively flat.

Once Bitcoin finishes its correction and starts to move upward in a slow manner, the likelihood of altcoins outperforming Bitcoin increases.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

“Believing, Not seeing: Institutions Still Predict $100K Bitcoin Price”

Earlier this year, American megabank JPMorgan Chase’s strategy team, led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, claimed that a theoretical target of $146,000-plus could be sustainable for BTC by the end of 2021, pushing the narrative that the digital currency seems to be a prime candidate for replacing gold as a long-term store-of-value, especially for a budding base of younger, more tech-savvy investors.

In a similar vein, new data released by Pantera Capital, an investment firm and hedge fund, reiterates JPMorgan’s sentiments surrounding BTC, suggesting that its price action is closely following the Stock-to-Flow model, thus reaffirming its faith in the digital asset hitting the $115,000 mark by Aug. 1.

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