Let’s make $1 000 000 “Win $444 in BTC”

What you are watching here is me trying to make a cool million dollar starting with $50 000 (Jan 5th 2021) with a strategy where I use perpendicular trend lines, zones, support/resistance and fib retracement. I try to enter a trending market after a retrace where I have a confluence of signals from my indicators. I trade mostly cryptos these days and I do it every day of the week because I can. Crypto market never close!

Important message for anyone new to trading:
Trading is hard. No, trading is VERY hard. 95% of traders are losing money. Risk management is key. Don’t risk more than 1 to 2% of your trading account on each trade. Never trade with money that you cant lose because you will most likely do just that. Copying my trading will get you nowhere. Get inspired by what I do, learn then apply by executing your own trades after making your own technical analysis.

The exchange I trade at: http://bit.ly/2MAy47W

The music is provided by this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSzcVCMElb5kfvJWqC6vH2Q