Cathie Wood Bitcoin and Tesla Are About To EXPLODE Because Of This Bitcoin Price Prediction

Cathie Wood Bitcoin and Tesla Are About To EXPLODE Because Of This Bitcoin Price Prediction! Cathie Wood talks Bitcoin and tesla and why they are set to explode for years to come! Cathie Wood is heavily invested into Bitcoin and Tesla and thinks the future is bright for the EV Space as a whole! Watch this video until the end you wont want to miss this one!

Cathie Wood of Ark Invest — who has become one of the more influential voices on Wall Street and is a major backer of Tesla (TSLA) — and two other titans of growth investing, who shared their investment insights Thursday.
“We’ve seen higher valuation stocks hit hard this year. But the growth for these innovative companies will still be treated well over time,” Wood said during a webcast hosted by Cboe (CBOE) Global Markets.

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CREDITS (Full Interview):

Cathie Wood discusses her investing picks, plus her insight on Reddit, GameStop, Tesla and bitcoin…

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