Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021 (April Update) Raoul Pal – Everyone is underestimating BTC (400%)

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021 (April Update) Raoul Pal with a Bitcoin Prediction. Could Bitcoin really still 4x gain from here?

Raoul Pal gives us an April update on his Bitcoin Prediction , speaking on why everyone continues to underestimate Bitcoin why due to the Lindy effect and Metcalfes law, it will still potentially 4x.

Raoul Pal explains how even at current valuations, everyone is underestimating Bitcoin, suggest a 4x from current levels this year.

This would suggest a Bitcoin price over 200 thousand dollars.

Raoul Pal, CEO & Co-Founder of Real Vision, discusses the downside and upside of Bitcoin pricing, as well as other cryptocurrency ventures.

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0:00 Introduction – (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO!)
1:30 Everyone is underestimating Bitcoin (4x GAINS this year)
3:30 Value in other protocols and crypto market (interoperability)
5:06 GLITCH FINANCE (Super Protocol for Defi!)
9:02 Why you don’t need to understand BTC to make money…
11:28 Stock Market inevitable crash (bubble!)
13:37 BULLISH on-chain Bitcoin data (Bitcoin whales are back!)

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