Bitcoin is DOOMED – Bill Gates Bitcoin Prediction & Warning: Should you SELL? (2021) Bill Gates BTC

Bill Gates Bitcoin – In this video, we take a look at s Bill Gates prediction for 2021 and why he is NOT a fan of the digital cryptocurrency, even going as far as saying in 2018 that he would short Bitcoin.

We go back to take a look at Bill Gates changing opinion on Bitcoin over the years, from his first mention of Bitcoin in a Bill Gates interview in 2014, to what he currently has to say on Bitcoin, Elon Musk Buying Bitcoin and his thoughts in 2021 and why he is still not a fan of the currency.

Bitcoin is DOOMED – Time to Sell? Is Bill Gates Shorting Bitcoin? In this video we take a look at Bill Gates Bitcoin Prediction, what he thinks about the digital asset and why he is not a fan of its long term outlook.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where I make an argument AGAINST Bill Gates view point – pointing out a HUGE investing mistake he made last year and why his take on Bitcoin is another mistake. We also cover some Recent BULLISH Bitcoin Data that suggests where the Bitcoin price is likely to go from here. First, let’s take a look at the FIRST time Bill Gates spoke on Bitcoin back in 2014 and what he thought of it then. Keep in mind this was when Bitcoin was just a few hundred dollars.

0:00 Introduction (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO)
1:05 Bitcoin is DOOMED – Bill Gates SHORT BTC?
2:01 Bill Gates in 2014 – Bitcoin Supporter
3:14 Bill Gates in 2018 – Bill Gates SHORT on BITCOIN
4:46 Was Bill Gates influenced by Buffett and Munger?
5:08 Bill Gates on Bitcoin 2021 – Elon Musk buying Bitcoin
5:35 Bill Gates NOT BULLISH on BTC
6:24 Bill Gates in 2021 – Bitcoin Mania
7:35 Argument AGAINST Bill Gates
8:18 Bill Gates SHORTING Tesla in 2020
8:34 Bill Gates HUGE investing mistake in 2020
9:40 BULLISH Bitcoin News – Supply leaving exchanges!

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