BITCOIN for Beginners | History and Future of Money

BITCOIN for Beginners | History, and Future of Money in Hindi

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Many people ask me, bitcoin kya hai? or bitcoin me invest kaise kare? But it’s important to understand why it was invented, how it’s value changed from $0.01 then 1$ to thousands of dollars and above million rupees in India.
So Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The price 1 bitcoin was 1 US dollars in 2011 and now it’s more than 58,000 dollars. How come the price has increased so much?

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin and how it can change the way we think about money and transactions.

00:00 Intro to Bitcoin
00:36 Index
00:59 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology
02:20 Disclaimer about Fake Comments
02:59 History of Money
04:54 Problem with Money
07:15 Advantages of Bitcoin
08:11 Disadvantage of Bitcoin
08:44 Acceptance of Bitcoin
09:18 CoinSwitch Kuber
09:37 Advice for Beginners into Bitcoin

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