Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price EXPLODES Past $1000 USD! – Here’s Why

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been absolutely crushing resistance on the price charts. In the last 3 weeks it has risen by 175% to $1,200 dollars, its highest point since June 2018. Hayden Otto explains why.

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0:00 Introduction – Why is the price going up?
1:50 Bitcoin Cash transactions surpass BTC transactions
2:16 Noise.Cash
2:50 Users flee Bitcoin and Ethereum due to fees
3:06 Kim Dotcom Clubhouse Chat with BTC Maximalists
4:03 BTC argument dismantled
4:54 BTC gaslighting
5:45 Maximalists are pissed at Kim
6:08 Jimmy Song melts down
7:20 BTC maximalists censor Kim Dotcom
8:04 BTC launch disinformation campaign against Bitcoin Cash
8:41 Greg Maxwell deceptively edits Bitcoin Cash Wikipedia page
9:29 Conclusion

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