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The Bitcoin price today is $ 57,000 USD – and the bitcoin news today is that the total crypto market cap is nearing 2 trillion dollars – and there may be a fresh flow of money coming into the altcoins. Could this be the start of Alt Season? What does it mean for the price of Bitcoin?? Find out in today’s free bitcoin trading video when you smash that play button… Like A Boss!

BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, BK Crypto Trader will go through the Bitcoin technical analysis and make a live Bitcoin price prediction.

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00:00 Boss of Bitcoin Introduction!
01:00 Free Bitcoin Trading Communities
03:00 Free Bitcoin Winner of The Day
04:30 Coinmarketcap Analysis
06:00 Bitcoin BTC USD Price Analysis
13:00 The Profit Package – Binance BNB
14:30 – VIP Crypto Trading with BK



I am BK Crypto Trader – and I have developed one of the best technical analysis tools in the world – which I call THE BOSS METHOD.

I’ve made more than 500 videos on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter that focus on on the Bitcoin BTC price (BTCUSD), Ethereum News ETH Price, Litecoin News LTC Price, Ripple News XRP Price and BTC news articles, and global economic developments to make an accurate Bitcoin price prediction in 2020.

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